Take the plunge to embrace change

Every one of us goes through change. Sometimes we experience it through the natural course of life's events, but at other times we actively seek to make a change in our lives.

But how do you surface from the change process and emerge in one piece and in better shape?

Amanda Rogers at The Ripple Effect Experience helps you take a controlled dive into unknown waters, giving you clarity of vision, support and encouragement.

Whether you need help to undertake change within your organisation or your personal life, The Ripple Effect Experience offers pragmatic, trusted and collaborative expertise to maximise your success.


Difficult life events? Want to change behaviours or  relationships?

Had a bereavement? Still feel low, tearful or nothing at all?

Redundancy looming? Time for a change of direction


Need to restructure? An independent sounding board could help

Board, team, project reviews Could you use an experienced facilitator?

Identify your skills. What do you need to move forward?


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